JFLPJournal of Functional and Logic Programming
JFLPJason's Freelancer Patch (game programming modification)
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The judges for the 2018 competition included Mike Buystedt (Vice Chair), Noel Mitchell (FINAT), Andrew Maxwell (FPLMA), Masaaki Yoshitake (JFLP), Jean Li (PEIAC) and Harveer Sahni, visiting judge (LMAI).
The judges for the 2017 competition included White (FINAT), Mike Buystedt (TLMI), Harveer Sahni (LMAI), Tony Wheeler (SALMA), Andrew Maxwell (FPLMA), MasaakiYoshitake (JFLP) and Jean Li (PEIAC).
Winner JFLP: Kansai Mikan Printing Co., Ltd., japan for Floreregina Oliva Shampoo
TLMI is represented by Mike Buystedt; Junpei Odaka represents JFLP, and Pete Petran represents LATMA and SALMA.
TLMI in February, FINAT at the annual congress in June, and JFLP at a special awards dinner.
Participating institutions are TLMI (mostly North America), FINAT (mostly Europe), JFLP (Japan), LATMA (Australia) and SALMA (New Zealand).
The winners are members of three label associations, and are judged by representatives of those associations: the Japan Federation of Label Printers (JFLP); FINAT, the European label association, and the Tag & Label Manufacturers Institute (TLMI).
For 2003, TLMI members received nine awards, FINAT members took home eight awards and one honorable mention, and JFLP members received seven awards and two honorable mentions.
The 13th World Label Association Awards have been presented to converters in the Tag & Label Manufacturers Institute (TLMI), FINAT, and the Japan Federation of Label Printers (JFLP).