JFOSJase from Outta Space (band)
JFOSJoint Field Office Sections (NEPLO)
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The key independent variable, exposure to JFOs, was defined as the number of minutes during which a child was exposed (i.e., within 50 m) to fast food, variety stores, pizza places or ice cream shops (ranges from 0 sec to 350 min).
The OR for JFP associated with a 1-min increase in exposure to JFOs was 1.174 (95% CI [confidence interval] 1.14-1.21).
Since the PFO had no authority over the FCOs or any other element in the Joint Field Office (JFO), (3) misaligned effort between states had to be resolved in Washington.
Establishing effective communications is always a priority For all major incidents, it is normal to have daily phone conferences between NPFC, the on-scene commander, and the Joint Field Office (JFO).
In 1969, CISC became a national JFO with a real multidisciplinary partnership that called for a holistic approach in the fight against organized crime.
* More training opportunities for ground personnel (JTACs, JFOs, special forces teams, SEALs, etc.), resulting in better trained ground troops.
(17) In truth this assumption might not be practical because it would require a combination of technical solutions, TACP task organization, and utilization of the Army's joint fires observers (JFO).
All of these assets were being controlled by various individuals to include platoon leaders, JFOs, JTACs, and S2 analysts.
* Complete an ITC curriculum managed by the Directorate of Command, Control, and Communications (J-6), which is similar to the JFO program.
Given the fire support structural design shortages currently inherent in ground combat maneuver battalions, the expanding area ground units must operate in, and the lack of training outside of the fire support community, ground commanders must shift their reliance for CAS from the JFO and empower small unit leaders to assume the role.