JFRCJournal of Financial Regulation and Compliance
JFRCJanelia Farm Research Campus (Howard Hughes Medical Institute; Ashburn, VA)
JFRCJohn Felice Rome Center (Rome, Italy)
JFRCJapan Freight Railway Company
JFRCJackson Forest Restoration Campaign (Calfornia)
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To facilitate this process, Rubin became VP and Director of Planning for JFRC in 2002, Which was modified again to VP and Director of JFRC in 2003, the title he currently holds.
This is not to say that the overall guidance of the design, construction, and modification phases of the JFRC structure over the past six years were not time consuming and taxing, for they were.
He hopes to see 'truly unanticipated discoveries' starting to come out the JFRC labs in five to 10 years--results that might not have come to light in any other environment, other than Janelia Farm.
Choosing the scientific areas for JFRC to focus on was similarly difficult.
He has filed a: patent for his optical lattice microscopy and, as a new JFRC group leader, has already begun preliminary experiments to demonstrate new applications of his technique.
As the construction and validation turmoil concludes for the now officially opened and inaugurated Janelia Farm, Rubin expects to spend a little more time on bringing his Drosophila genetics work to bear on issues of gene expression regulation in the brain--Rubin is also a group leader within the JFRC complex and has his own lab.
2] JFRC features five acres of green roof and one of the world's largest installations of structural glass.
With most of the JFRC below ground, that part of the structure that is exposed to the outside environment is done so through nearly