JFSAJewish Family Service Agency
JFSAJewish Family Service Association (various locations)
JFSAJournal of Function Spaces and Applications
JFSAJ. F. Sato and Associates (Littleton, CO)
JFSAJewish Federation of Southern Arizona (Tucson, AZ)
JFSAJapan Financial Services Agency
JFSAJapan Fiber-Recycle Solidarity Association
JFSAJapan Freestyle Soccer Association
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For details on FIN/SUM 2019 and JFSA Symposium, please see and visit the website below.
(37.) Nalom DMF, Ghezzi JFSA, Higa EFR, Peres CRB, Marin MJS.
banking supervisors of the institutions involved, publicly reported and other financial information, consultation with the JFSA, and information provided by Applicants and by public commenters.
"We have worked with the JFSA to establish a working group to conduct a review of outstanding cases and work is under way to develop a mediation process for any of the 47 cases which have been raised as part of the Second Sight review," a Post Office spokeswoman said.
JFSA also announced that it would facilitate the authorization process of Authorized Electronic Over-the-Counter Derivatives Transactions, etc.
The JFSA also intends to require Japanese subsidiaries of foreign global systemically important banks (G-SIBs) to maintain loss-absorbing and recapitalisation capacity, but no details have yet been made available.
The JFSA is the supervisor of Japanese banking organizations, including holding companies such as MUFG.
Attending the meeting , the central bank towards the leader of the Department of International Cooperation, Department for Payments, Personnel and Organization Department, Inspection Agency supervising banks; On behalf of JFSA, Mr.
The JFSA has said it would take a "single point of entry" (SPE) approach to the orderly resolution of Nomura's global operations, with NHI being the preferred resolution entity and issuer of TLAC eligible securities.
The Board also has consulted with the Japanese Financial Services Agency ("JFSA"), the agency with primary responsibility for the supervision and regulation of Japanese banking organizations, including Applicants.
This event will tackle big topics from the impact of JFSA registration on high-frequency trading to the effects of cloud computing and market data analysis on capital markets.
As per reports from the country, MUFG has already notified the Financial Services Agency (JFSA) on the decision to launch an exchange.