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Partial support was established for Hypothesis 1 because JFSE partially mediated the relationship between WFC and some of the job satisfaction facets.
Job satisfaction-supervision, job satisfaction-coworkers, and WFC were significantly correlated with JFSE. However, only one item, the WFC-JFSE finding was consistent with a previous study in this area (Erdwins, Buffardi, Casper, & O'Brien, 2001).
Apparently for African Americans (represented 77% of the sample), WFC is negatively related to JFSE. Preceding mediation (as shown in Table 5) and consistent with the literature (Boles et al., 2001; Boles et al., 2003), WFC was a significant predictor of the job satisfaction-promotion and--supervision facets.
In the mediation model, JFSE was negatively related to job-satisfaction promotion and positively related to job satisfaction-supervision.
This study represents one of the first to examine the mediator effects of JFSE on the relationship between WFC and the facets of job satisfaction.