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JFSSJohn Flynn Scholarship Scheme (now the John Flynn Placement Program; rural health care; Australia)
JFSSJournal of the Folk Song Society
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The final number of the JFSS had, attached to the front cover, a slip of paper informing members that the amalgamation with the EFDS was to take place on 31 March 1932 (Figure 1).
Vaughan Williams, 'Obituary: Cecil James Sharp, born November 23rd, 1859, died June 24th, 1924', JFSS, 7.
For the connoisseurs, this could be in the 'naked' form of the single musical line of JFSS and its successor publications; or the songs could presented for a more general musical public in the form of the numerous arrangements for voice and piano, or other musical combinations, that were issued.
See, for example, 'Our Captain Cried', with its alternation of five-four and four-four bars, in JFSS, 1.
But both they and Freeman ignored the published evidence of the JFSS.
12 of JFSS is dated May 1908, Lucy Broadwood received Grainger's manuscript submission in early May.
63) The sources are as follows: Griffiths is noted as the collector of 'Young Banker' from Mr J[ohn] Probert, JFSS, 2.
68) Her next contribution, the last three stanzas of 'The Sally Twigs' or 'The Bitter Withy', in 'Note on "Our Saviour Tarried Out" or 'The Bitter Withy"', JFSS, 2.
When we examine Grainger's article in the JFSS with this new contextual perspective in mind, the harsh polemic and denunciation of the collecting methods of the FSS come to the fore far more than they do simply on a reading isolated within the context of folk music discourse in England in the early years of the twentieth century.
The third is a close reading of Grainger's article in the JFSS, which yields a number of new interpretations based on the perspective obtained through the examination of his wider musical aesthetic.
This makes it more difficult for people who do not have access to all the issues of JFSS and JEFDSS to become familiar with the songs she collected.