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JFSSJohn Flynn Scholarship Scheme (now the John Flynn Placement Program; rural health care; Australia)
JFSSJournal of the Folk Song Society
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The FSS's Annual Report of the Committee for the Year 1928 was published in the JFSS for 1929 (issued in December 1928) and included the following announcement: 'With the deepest regret the Committee has to announce that Miss Lucy Broadwood passed away after a very brief illness on August 27th [sic] 1929.' Her obituary appeared in the same issue of the journal.
The final number of the JFSS had, attached to the front cover, a slip of paper informing members that the amalgamation with the EFDS was to take place on 31 March 1932 (Figure 1).
(45) Kidson found transcriptions taken from phonograph recordings 'generally complex and confusing', but referred readers to such transcriptions in JFSS. (46) He believed that 'mixed rhythms [...] can hardly belong to the original structure of the tune, but rather the method of singing it'--an interesting and problematic observation which seems to assume the existence of an original form of a melody, free from its interpretation as song.
For the connoisseurs, this could be in the 'naked' form of the single musical line of JFSS and its successor publications; or the songs could presented for a more general musical public in the form of the numerous arrangements for voice and piano, or other musical combinations, that were issued.
(13) A further donation from Broadwood's friend Lady Farrar was acknowledged in JFSS, which Broadwood proposed to put towards 'the purchase of the most satisfactory kind of phonograph, or other recording device'.
Broadwood, Gilchrist, Sharp, and Vaughan Williams made up four of the six members of the Editing Committee that considered Grainger's article for the JFSS; the others were J.
55a (Minutes of the 1st Annual General Meeting, 2 February 1899, Item 5); 'Report of the First General Meeting', JFSS, 1.1 (1899), vii.
(52) His name does not appear in 'List of Members of the Folk-Song Society', JFSS, 1.3 (1901), v-vi.
Their description as Leather's 'friends' is in JFSS, 2.2 (no.
(63) The sources are as follows: Griffiths is noted as the collector of 'Young Banker' from Mr J[ohn] Probert, JFSS, 2.2 (no.
When we examine Grainger's article in the JFSS with this new contextual perspective in mind, the harsh polemic and denunciation of the collecting methods of the FSS come to the fore far more than they do simply on a reading isolated within the context of folk music discourse in England in the early years of the twentieth century.
As impressive as the number and quality of Gilchrist's publications were, Margaret Dean-Smith and other scholars consider that Gilchrist's most important and enduring work for the society was her editing or co-editing of major collections published in JFSS. (12) The collections of Gaelic songs, including the Clague (Manx), Tolmie (Highland Scots), and Freeman (Irish) issues of the Journal, are often singled out as being among her exemplary contributions to it.