JFTCJapan Fair Trade Commission
JFTCJump for the Cause (skydiving, breast cancer)
JFTCJoint Force Training Centre (Poland)
JFTCJapan Foreign Trade Council, Inc. (est. 1947)
JFTCJamaica Fair Trading Commission
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Nevertheless, the Distribution Guidelines, which presented only broad standards, still allow the JFTC wide discretion for finding illegality in vertical restraints.
Growth in imports will exceed that in exports by a wider margin than in the December forecast, in light of strong imports of electronics parts and low-priced textile products as well as higher crude oil prices, the JFTC said.
Three of the most active competition law enforcement cases among Asian countries have been witnessed in Japan, Republic of Korea and Indonesia, all of which are equipped with independent competition agencies: JFTC, Korea Free Trade Comission and the Indonesian Commission for the Supervision of Business Competition.
The JFTC is a private organization made up mainly of Japanese trading companies.
s request to keep evidence of its illegal business practices from the public record and required the JFTC to turn over the evidence it obtained during its year-long investigation of Intel to the court, AMD and Intel.
In contrast, the JFTC has maintained unfair trade practices standards as being distinct from monopolization standards, and thus more flexible.
The DOJ [Justice Department] and FTC might have been concerned about JFTC enforcement in the area of intellectual property," First -- who co-directs NYU's Competition, Innovation, and Information Law Program -- speculated.
This resulted in the AMA being strengthened and increased resources allocated to the JFTC (Fair Trade Commission of Japan)" said Prof.
However, DENSO was exempted from all of the above orders because the company had completely eliminated the conduct that was suspected to be in violation before the authority's onsite investigation and because it applied for the leniency program, which was granted by the JFTC.
The JFTC said officials from these companies agreed to raise LPG cylinder prices in a concerted manner when they met at industry conferences from July 2006.
The Japanese antimonopoly watchdog has asked the two Australian firms to submit any rebuttals or opinions on the JFTC view and will make a final decision on the matter after examining the response, Matsuyama told a press conference.
His organization, JFTC in Poland, is responsible for providing ANSF logistics training to OMLT mentors before their deployment into Afghanistan.