JGCTJuvenile Granulosa Cell Tumors
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The histopathological examination established the diagnosis of JGCT.
We accessed the data of 12 JGCT cases with the JGCT located in the scrotum; however, no preoperatively diagnosed case of JGCT was found.
The preoperative diagnosis of a JGCT is difficult, and it is usually initially diagnosed as a teratoma.
Follow- Case up No Operation Pathology Met time 1 HSO JGCT - - HSO JGCT - - Frozen biopsy: EST/ JGCT 2 HSO JGCT - 5 years 3 ?
Although JGCTs are rare testicular tumors, they are the most frequently seen testicular tumor in infants <6 months of age (1).
The behavior of JGCT is clinically benign, and definitive treatment may be accomplished by orchiectomy or testis-sparing enucleation.
7] The JGCT of the testis has a tendency to occur in very young patients, mostly in the first 6 months of life.
11] Only two cases of bilateral JGCT of the testis have been reported, both in intraabdominal testis.
Because JGCT of the testis is rare, a description of imaging findings is limited.
On gross pathology, JGCT of the testis typically appears as a tan to yellowish mass with a mixture of solid and cystic regions without necrosis or hemorrhage.