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En este aspecto al interrogar a los sujetos de la muestra de la JGH, un 65% manifesto la utilizacion del buscador google como su fuente principal de informacion, lo que muestra que la gran mayoria de sus educandos conocen la diferencia existente entre pagina web y buscador.
The population consisted of 17 authorities in the rectors' offices at four Zulia universities (URBE, LUZ, JGH and URU).
2001 Development and Evaluation of Cultural Consultation Services in Mental Health, Culture and Mental Health Research Unit, Report #11, Institute of Community and Family Psychiatry, JGH, and Division of Social and Transcultural Psychiatry Dep.
Batdorf, Director of Nursing at the Jewish Geriatric Home (JGH) in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, created an innovative, cost-saving, award-winning Teen Nurse Trainee program at JGH to help reduce temporary staffing costs.
Childhood sexual abuse or emotional abuse were associated with greater body dissatisfaction in BED, whereas physical abuse or physical or emotional neglect were not," explained Dunkley, a project director at the Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research at the JGH and Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at McGill University.
Thorrold BS, O'Connor KF, White JGH (1985) Management influences on sheep behaviour, dung distribution and soil phosphate.
JGH will continue to be managed by Nuveen Asset Management (NAM) and will employ NAM's global high income investment strategy.
Western Marine secured the deal through Danish company JGH Marine A/S on January 23 and is expected to deliver it to the Kenyan Ministry of Fisheries, Livestock and Agriculture in 2016.
1977 | JGH Londt"; (2) printed with handwriting on white paper: "Dinempheria [female] | enigmata n.
Jacques Galipeau of the JGH Lady Davis Institute and McGill's Faculty of Medicine as saying.