JGIMJournal of General Internal Medicine
JGIMJournal of Global Information Management
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"It is likely that other factors beyond vitamin D, such as psychological stress, medication adherence, and discrimination could contribute to this disparity," he wrote in the JGIM article.
Journal of General Internal Medicine (JGIM) published the most articles on health literacy during this time period, with 32 publications, or 21% of the 152 identified articles from the core journals.
Prevalence and determinants of intimate panner abuse among public hospital primary care patients JGIM In press.
To assess the frequency with which such research is done, she reviewed recent issues of the journal of General Internal Medicine (JGIM) and The Journal of Family Practice (JFP) and compared the articles in these primary care journals with those in JAMA.
Under the assumption that the greatest concentration of primary care research would be contained in journals that are primary care oriented, I selected The Journal of Family Practice (JFP) and The Journal of General Internal Medicine (JGIM).