JGLJoseph Gordon-Levitt (actor)
JGLJava Generic Library
JGLGeneric Collection Library for Java
JGLJapan Gray Line (Japan)
JGLJournal of Germanic Linguistics (Cambridge University Press)
JGLJournal of Greek Linguistics (academic journal; Netherlands)
JGLJournal of Gender and Law (Columbia University; New York)
JGLJava Generic Libraries (Recursion Software, Inc.)
JGLJohn and Ginny Lopis (Hawley, PA)
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Guzman signed a contract giving JGL LLC the rights to his name and signature.
The Charles Russell Speechlys (CRS) law firm, which represented JGL, said the Cassation Court verdict upheld an earlier ruling by the Bahrain Chamber for Dispute Resolution (BCDR).
The alternating directions method of multipliers algorithm (ADMM) was previously introduced to tackle the problem of the JGL [12].
So we set out to fill that gap ourselves, resulting in the underlying philosophy of JGL: an interdisciplinary approach to the problems that continue to confound our society in terms of gender and race and the simultaneous disadvantages that affect women of color.
* Domestic drugmaker Jadran Galenski Laboratorij (JGL) announced in December 2014 that it...
JGL: They met at a public radio station, and they brought up my brother and me with ideals of sharing and understanding that the well-being of everyone is intrinsically tied to the well-being of the individual-life lessons that seem like they ought to be common sense.
Foram estabelecidos alguns criterios de observacao quanto ao contexto tecnicotatico, como: Jogadas Combinadas (JC), Jogadas Individuais (JI), Contra Ataque (CA), Lateral (L), Escanteio (E), Falta com Barreira (FCB), Penalti (P), Tiro Livre (TL), Jogada do Goleiro Linha (JGL) e Erro do Goleiro Linha (EGL).
The sweetly perverse aspect (remember, this is Gaga!) was the role reversal; Gaga taking the man's lyrics and JGL, as he is known by fans, the reluctant woman's role.
In: Miles DA, Van Dis ML, Kaugers GE, Lovas JGL (Eds).
(JGL d.d.) for bitop's Ectoin[R] Allergy Nasal Spray 2%.
Built at a cost of PS5m, it was designed by JGL Poulson and Partners.