JGMSJohn Glenn Middle School (Bedford, MA)
JGMSJohn Griffin Middle School (Fayetteville, NC)
JGMSJacksonville Gem and Mineral Society (Jacksonville, FL)
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Perks: JGMS provides a year-end bonus to each part- and full-time employee, based on company profits.
Giving back: JGMS is a direct contributor to the Riverside Education Center in Grand Junction, which provides academic, social and general mentoring to arguably the most financially impacted young people in the region.
involvement: nvolvement: The corporate goal of JGMS is to provide 4 percent of net income to charitable organizations; Last year's contributions equated to 12.
Community involvement: The corporate goal of JGMS is to provide 5 percent of net income to charitable organizations through monetary contributions.
JGMS employees have planted trees in downtown Washington, D.
He says JGMS is leading the charge for workplaces to give back to the community by fostering a culture of philanthropy, consistently donating financially and materially to nonprofit organizations and projects, and supporting employee participation in volunteer activities locally and nationwide.
MARKET NICHE: JGMS has increased revenues consistently over the last four years by aggressively pursuing opportunities in both the government and private sector.
INNOVATION: After studying other companies and processes, JGMS developed a rigorous series of bid/no bid criteria that protected the company horn chasing opportunities with little or no realistic return.