JGNJapan Gigabit Network (telecommunications network)
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Working together with JGN II, NICT provides a next generation optical network R&D environment to manufactures and institutions who do not have their own environment.
Wevers RA, Engelke U, Rotteveel JJ, Heerschap A, de Jong JGN, Abeling NGGM, van Gennip AH, deAbreu RA.
Wevers RA, Engelke U, Wendel U, de Jong JGN, Gabreels FJM, Heerschap A.
This field trial was the longest distance attempted to date on the JGN II optical testbed.
The experiment using JGN II testbed took place in December 2005 in cooperation with the Research Promotion Council of Keihanna Info-Communication Open Laboratory and was hosted by NICT.
The distance was increased by changing the number of turn backs, and as a result, succeeded in a total of 635 km with five turn backs, the longest yet achieved with the JGN II testbed.
amp; TOKYO -- KDDI, one of Japan's largest global telecommunications companies, announced today that it has commercially deployed the Calient DiamondWave(TM) PXC photonic switch as the core optical switch element in the new R&D Testbed Network JGN II for the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), an incorporated administrative agency in Japan.
JGN II, or Japan Gigabit Network II, has been designed and deployed to provide high-speed IP and Ethernet services to NICT's research centers as well as to universities and government research centers throughout Japan.
JGN was created to conduct research and development on high-speed networking and high-performance application technologies.