JGSDFJapanese Ground Self-Defense Forces
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The JGSDF operates under the command of the chief of the ground staff, based in the city of Ichigaya, Shinjuku, Tokyo.
Marine Corps (USMC), the JGSDF, and the Philippine Navy (PN) are conducting an amphibious joint-training exercise as a part of KAMANDAG 2 for future humanitarian operations.
For instance, the JASDF and JMSDF have conducted far more actual contingency operations than the JGSDF. (37)
Michael Auslin of the American Enterprise Institute stressed that expanded U.S.--Japanese military exercises such as the recently concluded Iron Fist exercise in California involving the Marines and the JGSDF would help enhance Japanese military capability and gain credibility in protecting Japan's southwestern flanks.
In the context of the enhanced co-operation between the two ground forces the Ministers decided to explore a joint field exercise in the field of counter-terrorism between the Indian Army and the JGSDF in 2018.
Japan's National Defense Program Outline (NDPO) defines the basic structure of the JGSDF, the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF), and the Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF).
(157) See HOOK & MCCORMACK, supra note 26, at 32 (stating that popular support for the law had risen to 52% after the first dispatch of JGSDF troops Cambodia in 1992).
Andolong said the most unfortunate vehicular accident took place while Suguru was in the country as a member of the Japan Ground Self Defense Force (JGSDF) contingent.
This is initially aimed at winning the Jgsdf UH-X contest for a new utility helicopter, which is worth 150 aircraft over 20 years.
Both India and Japan have also agreed to hold the third "2 plus 2" dialogue and the fourth Defence Policy Dialogue (Administrative Vice-Minister/Secretary of Defence level) in Delhi in 2014; promote exchanges on UN Peacekeeping Operations between Japan Peacekeeping Training and Research Centre, Joint Staff College (JPC), Central Readiness Force of Japan Ground Self Defence Force (JGSDF) and Centre for UN Peacekeeping (CUNPK) of the Indian Army; conduct bilateral exercises between Japan Maritime Self- Defence Force and Indian Navy on a regular basis.
Finally, the NDPG aims to establish a new coastal-surveillance unit in the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) and to stand up a first-response unit in the island chains "to gather intelligence, monitor situations, and respond swiftly when incidents occur." (36) This unit will also train for rapid deployment operations.