JHASJohn Holland Aviation Services (Tullamarine, Australia)
JHASJewish Home Aging Services
JHASJournal for the History of Arabic Science (Aleppo University; Syria)
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For readers who know little about modern India and are beach-novel curious (but too embarrassed to buy one), The Windfall may be the right sort of summer refreshment, providing just enough substance to defy the second part of the Seinfeld rule - "No hugging, no learning." (The Jhas' farewell to the security guard at their old housing complex - who wordlessly accepts a castoff CD player even though a CD would cost him a full day's wages - says more in two paragraphs than a two-hour documentary might.)
The result is a story that's the stuff of Amartya Sen's worst nightmares and Tom Wolfe's sweetest dreams: Anil Jha, serial entrepreneur, one day sells his company for $20 million, suddenly giving his family the means to move from its lively, middle-class housing complex (short on privacy, long on community) to a quiet, tree-lined neighbourhood of Gurgaon, a New Delhi suburb so status-obsessed it's a wonder it doesn't have its own line of handbags.
The objective of the current studies was to test the efficacy of pyriproxyfen (JHAs), lufenuron (CSI) and methoxyfenozide (ecdysone agonist) for their possible biological activity as grain protectant against T.
The IGRs used in these studies were pyriproxyfen (JHAs) (99% purity); lufenuron (CSI) (99.7% purity) and methoxyfenozide (ecdysone agonists) (99.8% purity) provided by Sigma-Aldrich Inc.
Changes in food metabolism induced by the action of JHA, pyriproxyfen, during the last nymphal instar of Schistocerca gregaria (Forsk.) (Orthoptera: Acrididae).
The contract, which will commence from August this year, will involve JHAS carrying out all heavy maintenance requirements on the airline's fleet of Embraer aircraft.
This agreement is in addition to the existing contract between Virgin Blue and JHAS, under which JHAS provides heavy maintenance to some of Virgin Blue's Boeing 737s.
We performed experiments to determine whether, like methyl farnesoate, JHAs determined the sex of daphnids during ovarian oocyte maturation.
When Anil Jha sells his website for $20 million, he, his wife and their 20-something son scrambling to get an MBA in America are catapulted into a new life.