JHFJohn Henry Foster Co. (St. Louis, MO)
JHFJohn Hancock Financial (insurance)
JHFJoyful Heart Foundation (est. 2004)
JHFJapan Heart Foundation (est. 1970)
JHFJewish Healthcare Foundation
JHFJapan Housing Finance Agency (formerly Government Housing Loan Corporation)
JHFJuvenile Hyaline Fibromatosis
JHFJohn Hancock Funds, LLC (Boston, MA)
JHFJoint Hindu Family (extended family arrangement)
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There is no definitive cure for JHF, however supportive treatment given in the form of physiotherapy to prevent contracture formation helps the patient to live normal life and avoid 1 disabling contractures .
Puretic syndrome hyalinosis, systemic juvenile, murray-puretic syndrome, and molluscum fibrosus are known synonyms of juvenile hyaline fibromatosis.3 JHF was first described in 1969 by Drescher et al.4 So for less than 70 cases of JHF have been reported worldwide.5 The prevalence of JHF is unknown.
The ICNIA Advanced Development Module (ADM)' RF section coveted the two megahertz through 1600 MHz frequency band and was separated into HE VHF/t JHF and L-band segments with a 117-dB dynamic range.
6 December 2011 - S&P today gave its AA- local currency long-term debt ratings to series 89 through 91 nonguaranteed bonds issued by Japan Housing Finance Agency (JHF) in an aggregate amount of JPY40bn (USD515m/EUR385m).
Juvenile hyaline fibromatosis (JHF) is a similar disease to ISH and has often been described as a different disease, but there are histological similarities and the hyaline material is the same in both.
Dockery DW, Pope CA III, Xu X, Spengler JO, Ware JHf Fay ME, et al.
(17.) Shaw JHF. Malignant melanoma in Auckland, New Zealand.
The banks will manage the newly created funded risk sharing product under the Jeremie Holding Fund (JHF) initiative, designed to stimulate lending from banks to small and medium sized businesses over the next two year period.
The JHF 180 features a 0.9[degrees] tapered neck that reduces tool deflection, facilitates deep-cavity milling, and improves surface finish.