JHGJournal of Hungarian Geomathematics
JHGJournal of Human Genetics
JHGJournal of Historical Geography (Elsevier)
JHGJulius-Hirschberg-Gesellschaft (German: Julius Hirschberg Society; ophthalmology; Austria)
JHGJayne Hancock Group (digital marketing agency; San Diego, CA)
JHGJulie Heller Gallery (Provincetown, MA)
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The ratings affirmations reflect JHG's moderate franchise in the U.S.
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The Jupiter Hospitality Group (JHG) was founded with the objective of building a strong local hospitality brand that might compete with the international hotels.
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By 2010, says Jayne Hancock, chief executive officer of interactive marketing agency JHG, the millennial generation--which she pegs as those born between the years 1980 and 2000--will outnumber baby boomers and Generation Xers in the 18-to-49 buy-in demographic.