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JHKJames Howard Kunstler (author and social critic)
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(*) JHK is partially supported by the '100 talents' program of the Chinese government.
While Kawasaki JHK Laglisse team rider Carmelo Morales Gomez had already tied up the title, Smith needed to fend off the challenge from Xavi Fores, Santiago Barragan and Adrian Bonastre to retain the runner-up slot.
Collecting tokens has become a real community effort with schools and shopkeepers - Costcutters in the Mall & JHK Stores - helping out.
Department of Biology, Institute of Applied Sciences, University of North Texas, Denton, TX 76203 (CRR, BJL, JHK)
(11.) Karnofsky DA, Burchenal JHK: The clinical evaluation of chemotherapeutic agents in cancer.
(9.) Virtue RW, Young RV, Lund LO, Vogel JHK, Grover RE Halopropane anesthesia in man.
Pechmann JHK, Scott DE, Semlitsch RD, Caldwell JP, Vitt LJ, Gibbons JW.
(23) The surviving mounts are all titled and marked in Kerr's handwriting: 'Fernyhurst/Australia Felix/ JHK'.
A generous estimate of the scatter in standard stars taken from such lists is that the errors are 5%, although 10% is probably closer to the truth in JHK and perhaps even 20% in L and M for most of the published lists that did not specially select stars.
The system design was performed by JHK & Associates.
Wilking (University of Missouri) and his collaborators have obtained JHK images of the system with the University of Hawaii's 2.2-meter reflector to trace the distribution of young stellar objects within this system.