JHMCSJoint Helmet Mounted Cueing System
JHMCSJewish Hospital Medical Center South (Louisville, KY)
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The ROKAF version of the JHMCS II helmet provides pilots with enhanced situational awareness during day and night missions with immediate and accurate visor-projected display of friendly, threat, and unknown targets.
Elbit Systems Vision Systems International Awarded a Contract valued at approximately $32 Million to Supply Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing Systems (JHMCS) to The Boeing Company.
Just as important, the engineered fix prevents a JHMCS display unit shortage.
Joint Helmet-Mounted A helmet-mounted display and cueing system Cueing System allowing the pilot to assess aircraft and (JHMCS) weapons status while maintaining "eyes out" of the cockpit.
All future aviators will fight with the next generation of helmet, the joint helmet-mounted cueing system (JHMCS), which interfaces with the aircraft's computers, weapons, and sensor hardware.
In addition to the JHMCS, VSI is developing the advanced HMD for the Lockheed Martin (Ft.
Vista Sabre II, the JHMCS's initial prototype, provided a building block for helmet-display development.
Elbit Systems of America integrates various advanced systems into the F-16 and through its RCEVS joint venture with Rockwell Collins is a provider of joint helmet mounted cueing systems (JHMCS) and HMDs.
HATR avoidance campaign and disciplined procedural execution; comprehensive/objective analysis of IFEs; mishap trend analysis; BASH-25 kills; acquisition of helmet lights and clear JHMCS visors for improved safety during night/dusk/dawn flight ops; diligent Opsec measures; Stan-Eval knowledge reinforcement-bimonthly CAPs, MQF tests, read-files; and superior vigilance by all 14 EFS personnel.
He spoke about the Joint Helmet-Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS) that went through the IOCSR process and required changes because it couldn't meet the required logistics hurdles.