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In addition to Parcon the others that did well for TFSJ were Jhn Ejanda with 547 and veteran Fuly Primo with 505.
Tribute was given to the retiring board members: out-going Director General Daryi Ferguson, Applarian Chancellor Jhn Adamson, Jeanne Davis, Delcie Mott, Tom Robbins and Claudia Wiggins.
THIS weekend will see one of the biggest names in dance music, Jhn Digweed, play in the city for the first time in four years.
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Heard Kilpatrick & Jhn Dewey say do, don't do" (O'Connor 1970, 29).
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jhn Too many begrudgers.Whatever they may think of the programme itself, it''s mean not to give credit where credit is due.
Nursing at Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing provides us with such evidence with their development and testing of the Johns Hopkins Nursing (JHN) Evidence-based Practice Model and Guidelines.
In that first seasn City did succumb t a 5-1 hme defeat with gals frm Gdwin, Harkuk, Mair, Christie and Jhn Chiedzie.
For example, Ned's car has the registration JHN 1.43 - which is a verse from the Bible.
The neuroscience units, comprising 89 beds, are housed in two locations: the Gibbon Building, on the main campus, for the general neuroscience and neuroscience trauma populations; and Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience (JHN), which is the primary site for cerebrovascular neurosurgery.