JHPSJapan Health Physics Society
JHPSJapan Hydraulics and Pneumatics Society (mechanical engineering)
JHPSJubilee Hills Public School (India)
JHPSJason Harker Property Services Limited (UK; est. 1998)
JHPSJohns Hopkins Precursors Study (Johns Hopkins University; Baltimore, MD)
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The 30-grain Winchester Supreme JHPs, on the other hand, were something different.
Federal introduced two loads: a 95-grain lead SWC advertised at 1,030 fps and an 85-grain JHP at 1,100 fps (these are pressure-barrel velocities).
Caption: Left to right: Agencies began the switch from the .38 JHP in the middle 1980s, often using the early 9mm Silvertip load.
Even though I could barely feel my fingers, the gun didn't move in my hand, even though I wasn't shooting light loads--I was testing out the brand-new Nosier Match Grade Handgun 124-grain JHPs, which are advertised to provide 1200 fps.
Winchester worked hard to make the two loadings in each caliber easy to shoot and accurate, have the same accuracy and point of impact, and keep the bullet shapes the same so the FMJs will feed just as the JHPs. It also made them different.
Weight Velocity Deviation Group (gr.) (fps) (in.) Hornady FTX 110 995 20.9 2.00 Hornady FTX +P 110 1,031 35.9 2.00 Hornady XTP 158 758 30.3 2.50 Black Hills JHP 125 846 35.7 2.25 SpeerGold Dot HP 135 875 38.3 275 +P Cor-Bon FMJ 147 773 273 2.00 Blazer LRN 158 815 35.7 2.00 Notes: Test gun was a Smith & Wesson Model 60 with 1.875-inch barrel.
The ones I tried were Garrett's 310-grain Super Hard Cast, Buffalo Bore's 305-grain hard cast and 300-grain JSP, and Black Hills' 300-grain JHP. I tested them in my new Hamilton Bowen-customized, fixed-sight Ruger Bisley Vaquero with a 4%-inch barrel.
STERN DEFENSE 16.1" 9MM UPPER Bullet Avg Group Load Weight Velocity SD (in) SIG Elite FMJ 115 1316 12 2.1 American Eagle Syntech TSJ 115 1320 29 3.5 Black Hills FMJ 115 1292 24 2.4 SIG Elite JHP 124 1355 25 2.8 Winchester 3-Gun 147 1069 21 2.0 Accuracy results are the averages of four five-shot groups at 50 yards from a sandbag rest.
The Target Model 9mm Ruger was also test-fired with 16 factory loads ranging in weight from 65 grains up to 147 grains with JHP, FMJ and ARX bullets.
Its 88-grain JHP left the same pistol barrel at an impressive 1,080 fps.
However the little .45 proved quite a handful when stoked with Black Hills' 230-grain +P JHP. The standard loads were easier to control, yet even so this gun jumps.
The latest Hi-Power to arrive here at Gun Abuse Central was made in 1983, and it is a real curmudgeon when it comes to JHPs. At least once a magazine it will hesitate, even stall, in feeding.