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In addition, Ajayi and his colleagues prepared the secondary school history curriculum, wrote textbooks for history undergraduates, and published the Journal of the Historical Society of Nigeria (JHSN) and Tarikh: A Journal of African History for Schools.
His other publications included: Milestones in Nigerian History (1962); UNESCO General History of Africa: Volume VI (1989); History and the Nation and Other Addresses (1990); Tradition and Change in Africa (a collection of essays edited by Toyin Falola, 1999); A Patriot to the Core: Samuel Ajayi Crowther (2001); 'A critique of themes preferred by Nigerian historians' (JHSN 10: 3, 1980); and 'Towards a more enduring sense of history' (JHSN 12: 3&4, 1984).
Fall of the Old Oyo Empire: A Reconsideration of its Causes", JHSN,