JHWJamestown, NY, USA - Chautauqua County Airport (Airport Code)
JHWJohn Harley Weston (Scottish musician)
JHWJesuit Heritage Week
JHWJohn H. Wright Associates (UK)
JHWJimi Hendrix Wiki (website)
JHWJohn Henry West (band)
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JHW is the largest-established engineering and tools suppliers for a wide variety of trades suppliers both sides of the Border.
Peter Blackwood [*] was awarded the JHW Gold Medal.
Research was supported by grants from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (94-3501-0115) and the Office of Naval Research (N00014-96-1-1205) to JHW. KEA was supported in part by USPHS Grant T32-GM08550.
[44.] Van Swieten JC, Van Den Hout JHW, Van Ketel BA, Hijdra A, Wokke JHJ, Van Gijn J.
The Jimmy Hill Way Campaign ("JHW") is a coalition of fan groups demanding a better future for Coventry City Football Club.
FM, De Wit, JHW, "An Impedance Spectroscopy Study of the Degradation Mechanism for a Model Epoxy Coating on Mild Steel." Prog.
(17.) Yu ITS, Li Y, Wong TW, Tam W, Chan AT, Lee JHW, et al.
Both The Jimmy Hill Way (JHW) and Preservation Sky Blues (PSB) have now written open letters calling on the chairman to quit his post - with JHW suggesting his presence is an obstacle to people renewing season tickets.
(30.) Van den Brand, J, Blajiev, O, Beentjes, PCJ, Terryn, H, de Wit, JHW, "Interaction of Anhydride and Carboxylic Acid Compounds with Aluminum Oxide Surfaces Studied Using Infrared Reflection Absorption Spectroscopy." Langmuir, 20 6308-6317 (2004)