JHYCambridge, Massachusetts (Airport Code)
JHYJunior High Youth (various locations)
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The following morning, by prior arrangement, the women arrived at the home of the pastors of the Prairie Street church to meet with the JHY Task Force and give firsthand accounts of their experiences.
Following the suspension of Yoder's ministerial credential, the JHY Task Force disbanded, turning matters over to the Church Life Commission--a standing committee of the Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference--and to the newly-formed Accountability and Support Group, which the commission appointed in October 1992 to work with Yoder on disciplinary steps.
Throughout 1994 and 1995, Indiana-Michigan conference officials worried about a potential new complication to their work, asking themselves: "If JHY becomes Lutheran, how will this process change?
276) The commission disagreed, noting that "since the IN-MI Conference asked for this report, and originally had permission from JHY to receive it, that IN-MI has the right to keep and file it.
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On Prairie Street Mennonite Church/JHY Task Force concerns about victim-blaming, see Harold Yoder to JHY Accountability and Support Group, Oct.
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