JIACJuvenile Intake and Assessment Center (Sedgwick County Department of Corrections; Kansas)
JIACJordan International Air Cargo (Amman, Jordan)
JIACJava-based Intelligent Agent Componentware
JIACJoint Information Analysis Centre (JFC Naples)
JIACJoint Imagery Analysis Course
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Integration of JIAC with other regional maritime command and coordination centers and development of a maritime analysis capability at the JIAC
The purpose of the JIAC is the active promotion of common information collection and reporting and coordination.
The JIAC has done a much better job of collating, analyzing, and disseminating data as actionable intelligence for Balkan, Afghanistan, and other primarily land operations.
When a juvenile offender is arrested, he or she is taken to either the JIAC facility or the juvenile detention facillty.
Further complicating the subsequent analysis, shortly after the implementation of the instrument, was that JIAC staff typically did not complete a JDRA on individuals that they predicted would receive a score of less than 10.