JIACGJoint Interagency Coordination Group
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For instance, when PACOM set up its JIACG after 9/11 (on instructions out of existing resources), the commander "scraped up" forty bodies and $2 million.
The goal of the JIACG is to understand completely the adversary's systems of systems--PMESII using all the information available to us.
Every year, James said, JIACG helps coordinate two large-scale NORTHCOM exercises.
At the joint task force or combined joint task force level, key agency representatives would be assigned to or otherwise embedded in the appropriate staff directorates, rather than having just one person in the JIACG as is currently the case.
The commander's JIACG constitutes the vital heart of interagency coordination for NORAD and USNORTHCOM.
Indeed, the list of participants in the European Command JIACG as late as July 2003 was depressingly thin.
The JIACG role in campaign planning can vary: PACOM's JIACG, for instance, was tasked to be the primary drafter for the Command's Campaign Plan for Combating Terrorism.
Secretary Rumsfeld authorized a JIACG and granted it the rare authority to coordinate directly with the necessary agencies.
EPOC, with JOC long and short-range planning divisions supported by JIACG and an information superiority division, and underpinned by a knowledge management core, is a highly focused, cross-functional, anticipatory transformational staff that is the key weapon in the EUCOM arsenal to combat the asymmetric threats of the 21st century.
The final report on the exercise was favorable in its view of JIACG, and JFCOM has been instructed to prepare the concept for operational use in 2004.
But though JIACGS work well with diplomatic issues, natural disasters, and other nontraditional roles of the military, they are just coordination groups--the COCOM commander has no authority over agency policies or budgets.
While JIACGs have been successful elsewhere, creating one in U.