JIAMDOJoint Integrated Air and Missile Defense Organization (replaces JTAMDO)
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JIAMDO: An Ally for Driving Data-Sharing over the Sensor-Shooter Net
The JIAMDO Vision and Roadmap describe the "to be" goals and desired states of IAMD in 2020 and 2020-2030, respectively.
The potential for further IAMD sensor-shooter networks to counter A2/ AD capabilities is leading both combatant commanders and JIAMDO to focus on track correlation and data links.
JIAMDO has been pushing the Services to share common tracks for a shared-picture, integrated fire control (IFC) and operational-level joint engagement zones (JEZs).
JIAMDO has the responsibility for developing the IAMD operational architecture--the broad-based description of how things work conceptually over the entire IAMD mission area.
JIAMDO provided the range and targets and invited industry and the services to bring in their technologies and test them out.
In 2015 JIAMDO executed a $4.2 million budget for Black Dart.
Today's IAMD systems, due to the complementary efforts of DOD, the Services, MDA, combatant commands, private industry, and JIAMDO, consist of an array of advanced, strategically positioned radar and infrared sensors, layered active missile interceptors--such as Patriot, THAAD, SM-3, and GBI--and robust C4I that links it all together.
JIAMDO in conjunction with the entire IAMD community must work closely through the JCIDS and Warfighter Involvement Processes to ensure requirements for new capabilities are prioritized, feasible, and affordable and address valid threats so that acquisition decision authorities pursue programs with realistic cost, schedule, and performance parameters.
Planning Guide for Multinational Air and Missile Defense along with JIAMDO's forthcoming IAMD Roadmap and revision of Joint Publication 3-01, Countering Air and Missile Threats, are positive steps forward.
However, JIAMDO isn't just about requirements, budgets, and acquisition.