JIANTJSOC Information Automated Network
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Camera (color) Samboon Piriyapakdeekul; editor, Parn Busaban; music, Jiant Wave; production designeb Ruttanakra Poolgnay; art director, Kornmapoj Churviwat; costume designer, Boonehai Kiattirarat; sound (Dolby Digital), Yuttana Thisawat; casting, Jarupas Patamasiri.
The winner will launch a single with their American counterparts which will be written by Jiant productions, who wrote songs for Samantha Mumba and the Spice Girls.
In Hear'say's case, the songwriter is a consortium called Jiant. For sales of 100,000, Jiant could earn pounds 15,000.
The dry-blended PA 6/CP resins with 1000 ppm antioxidant were then fed into atwin-screw extruder (SHJ-20, Nanjing Jiant, Nanjing, China) at varying weight ratios to make MPA resins.