JIATJoint Integrated Analysis Tool (US DoD)
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JIAT has concluded that the party wrongly passed information that there was a gathering of armed Houthi rebels in a known location in Sana'a, and insisted that the location be targeted immediately as a legitimate military target.
The JIAT disputed the number of casualties killed as a result of bombing operations, butsaid in at least one case a residential building was affected by bombing as it responded to "inaccurate intelligence information", WAM quoted the report as saying.
Leo and JIAT will work together to develop prototypes of ZAFCG for cars that can enable them to drive more than 1,000 miles in Korea without charging.
Legal advisor to JIAT, Lieutenant General Mansour Ahmed Al-Mansour, from the Kingdom of Bahrain, said in a news briefing held today at King Salman Air Base "JIAT's work in assessing the accidents depends on ensuring the legal aspects of target operations are compatible with international law.
JIAT verified the incident, examined all related documents, including the procedures; rules of engagement, the daily mission schedule, the video footage of the executed mission and the satellite images of the location of the target; and after assessing gathered evidence.
JIAT Spokesman and Legal Advisor Mansour bin Ahmed Al-Mansour also said that regarding the (United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights) report dated (04 August 2016) that on (22 October 2015) (Sala'a Palace Museum) in Taiz was attacked by Coalition Air Force causing partial damage to the building.
JIAT Spokesman and Legal Advisor Mansour bin Ahmed Al-Mansour also said that regarding the report issued by (Human Rights Watch) on (December 2016), claiming that Coalition Forces attacked (Al-Zaydiyah security building in (Al-Zaydiyah district), (Hodeida Governorate), between (8:00 pm-9:00 pm) on (October 29, 2016), resulted in number of casualties to Armed Houthi militia, and some civilians.
With regard that the JIAt receives objections from some claimants on the findings of the JIAT investigations and whether, and whether the JIAT was authorized to investigate allegations from any of the claiming organizations regarding violations committed by the Houthi militias, Al-Mansour said: "Concerning allegations and violations committed by the Houthi militias, as far as I know, there are certain United Nations committees dealing with documentation and violations carried out by the Houhti and ousted Saleh armed militias.
In light of the above information, the JIAT reached that coalition forces had not bombed the old city of Saada.
At the outset of the press conference, Al-Mansour read the following statement: Regarding the Human Rights Watch's report dated on November, 2015 including that the Coalition Forces launched an air raid on 30, August, 2015 on Sham water filling factory in Hajjah Directorate which resulted in killing 14 laborers and injuring 11 other who were about to finish their night shift and fter reviewing the incident, the JIAT disclosed that, on Monday, 30/8/2015 at 02:30 am and based on intelligence information, a mission of an air support was carried out nearby Hajjah Directorate.
Aden, Muharram 15, 1438, Oct 16, 2016, SPA -- An official source at Yemen's Ministry of Defense and Presidency of General Staff has said in a statement that it reviewed the results of the investigation announced by the Joint Incident Assessment Team (JIAT), and that it appreciates the effort made by the JIAT members, and that it stresses its commitment to reveal the circumstances of the incident when its internal investigations are completed.
The JIAT exercised its full independence and impartiality.