JIATF-SJoint Inter-Agency Task Force, South
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JIATF-S is the frontline for interdicting the record amounts of cocaine produced in Colombia and shipped to the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia through the transit zones.
Several DHS equities work with JIATF-S including the U.S.
JIATF-S in Key West, Florida, was created in 1999 by consolidating two other counternarcotics task forces which the DoD had established in 1989.
JIATF-S has an integrated interagency structure, including a USCG rear admiral as its director, an officer from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) as vice director, a senior Foreign Service officer (FSO) as the director's foreign policy advisor (FPA), and participants from all US military services, the USCG, CBP, DEA, FBI, ICE, and elements of the US intelligence community, including the CIA, National Security Agency (NSA), and National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGIA).
Although not a member of JIATF-S, the Deployable Operations Group (DOG), a force of around 3,000 personnel formed in 2006, contains some of the Coast Guard's most deployable forces.
The coordinated actions of the Navy, Coast Guard and JIATF-S with Colombian surface and aviation assets were instrumental to the successful interdiction of narcotics.
Freedom is currently conducting CIT operations in support of JIATF-S, U.S.
Therefore, JIATF-S must target specific missions and clearly define their objectives, to include detecting, monitoring, and targeting narcoterrorists and the drugs they profit from.
Similarly, the success of JIATF-S flows from an ability to harness the agency with the right expertise and authority to accomplish particular aspect of the larger counterdrug mission.
Often, these naval assets take part in JIATF-S operations in cooperation with the United States and are normally based in Fort de France, Martinique.
Often, these naval assets take part in Joint Interagency Task Force South (JIATF-S) operations in cooperation with the United States and are normally based in Fort de France, Martinique.
law enforcement and intelligence entities (DEA and JIATF-S), and Honduran military and National Police elements reacting to narcotics air and maritime shipments.