JIAWGJoint Integrated Avionics Working Group
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He also was the principal Air Force action officer in the JIAWG.
This Ultra-Reliable Avionics ATTD combines digital and RF packaging work in direct support of enhanced JIAWG high-speed processing applications in the F-22 and the APG-68 radar reliability improvements for the F-16.
JIAWG modules will provide both intra-platform commonality (between ATIRCM, ATRJ and AOCMS) and interplatform commonality over a wide spectrum of tri-service platforms.
Despite some misgivings, the JIAWG has been able to generate a series of usable standards.
Since its inception, JIAWG has been working on establishment of a joint Common Avionics Processor (CAP-32) to be used on three key military programs: the Army's Light Helicopter (LH), the Air Force's Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF) and the Navy's A-12.