JIAWGJoint Integrated Avionics Working Group
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These common modules are standard in size and shape (the JIAWG decreed SEM-E), but perform different functions.
The work of the JIAWG indicates that a relatively small number of module types, each used multiple times, can provide the required processing, storage and I/O.
He also was the principal Air Force action officer in the JIAWG. Col Borky has commanded the Rome Lab since 1990.
This Ultra-Reliable Avionics ATTD combines digital and RF packaging work in direct support of enhanced JIAWG high-speed processing applications in the F-22 and the APG-68 radar reliability improvements for the F-16.
In addition to the SEM-E size and weight reductions, many JIAWG modules will be common to the F-22, RAH-66 or AX, greatly reducing development costs on these aircraft.
By the mid-1980s, the Joint Integrated Avionics Working Group (JIAWG) was established by Congress to develop common standards for the Navy's A-12, the Air Force's Advanced Tactical Fighter and the Army's Light Helicopter.
The Joint Integrated Avionics Working Group (JIAWG) was formed in 1987 under the Department of Defense Appropriations Act, which stipulated that future military programs must adopt common standards across all three military branches.