JIBCJapan International Bank for Cooperation
JIBCJustice Institute of British Columbia (Canada)
JIBCJournal of Internet Banking and Commerce (est. 1996)
JIBCJapan Indonesia Business Connection (Surabaya, Indonesia)
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At the blessing, JIBC Governor Tina Dion emphasized the importance of having a space on campus where Aboriginal students can feel welcomed and at home.
This gathering place will be key support for Aboriginal students who come to JIBC," she said.
Richard Vedan, associate professor emeritus in UBC's School of Social Work and a member of JIBC's Aboriginal Education Advisory Council noted, "The Gathering Place will show to potential program applicants and recruits that there is a place for them at JIBC and it will serve as a visual representation of JIBC's commitment to serving Aboriginal students, and their communities.
7) Kamiyama's work would eventually produce the first Japanese Southern Baptist church in the Northwest, currently known as JIBC.
9) During his pastorate, key people came to Christ through his ministry, people who are still members of JIBC.
With the help of Volunteer Christian Builders from Texas and Arkansas, JIBC completed its 7000-square-foot building in March 1996 and thus became the first Japanese Baptist church west of the Mississippi, post-World War II, to construct its own church building.
13) While this fact is true of the first one hundred years of Baptist history in the Northwest, the founding of JIBC finally broke the drought.
The first of those sent from the church was Masaomi Takeuchi, a Japanese businessman who came to Christ through JIBC in 1987.
I started the program at JIBC, New Westminster campus," said Leadership graduate Janice Stephens, "where I had the opportunity to meet many strong individual Aboriginal peers and instructors from various nations, to completing the program in my home nation, where I witnessed the strength of my peers from my home nation, not to mention my own personal growth.
JIBC customizes the curriculum to meet the needs of communities and it provides additional support through a number of awards and bursaries that are available specifically for Aboriginal learners, said Dr.