JICCJapan Information and Culture Center (Embassy of Japan, Washington, DC)
JICCJoint Information Coordination Center
JICCJoint Industry Coupon Conference
JICCJerusalem Inter-Cultural Center (Jerusalem)
JICCJoint Interface Control Cell (US DoD)
JICCJoint Information Collection Center
JICCJapanese Instrument Control Center
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According to the JICC, failure to transition to the new coupon technology exposes retailers to a number of risks, including processing of expired or fraudulent coupons; inability of customers to use coupons at self-checkout kiosks; increased cashier labor and time to manually process coupons; and reduced profitability of promotions.
The JICC is comprised of retailer and manufacturer executives who oversee coupon programs and is administered by the Food Marketing Institute (FMI), Grocery Manufacturers of America (GMA), National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) and the National Grocers Association (NGA).
The OSB builds on JMTS training to provide operational tactical data link interface support and training to GCCs and the Services and has trained over 530 JICOs and JICC operations personnel since 2004.
JID training progresses from advanced Link 16 and MTN operations through joint MTN planning and culminates with TDL career capstone courses to train GCC and joint task force JICOs and advanced JICC operators.
The JICC is an eight week, two-day resident training course conducted at Fort Huachuca, which trains and certifies service members and DOD civilians as DOD interrogators.
In addition to their interrogation certification, JICC graduates take home a "Tool Kit" DVD containing documents (policies, directives, regulations), Internet links for resources, and one of their own recorded training sessions.
Established in 2006 to train sister service personnel, provide conversion training for selected MOS 97B /35L Counterintelligence personnel, and recertify formerly trained military interrogators, JICC is one of only four DOD Interrogation certifying courses.
Unlike product identification, the coding and design of coupons are not standardized on a global basis, the JICC observes.
In its report, JICC offers several recommendations for manufacturers and retailers.
While in-ad coupons enjoy wide usage in the industry, there is room for improvement in their design and use, the JICC says.
The JICC guidelines cover these issues and make suggestions to simplify in-ad couponing.
Last fall, the JICC issued new guidelines, to take effect January 1999, covering the 992 bypass family code as it is applied to in-ad coupons, reinforcing the JICC's recommendation to purchase up-to-date hardware and software.