JICOJoint Interface Control Officer
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JICO training and GCC support; and Allied Training Branch (ATB) for allied and coalition MTN and JICO training.
Weekly teleconferences, the annual JICO Symposium, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction-mandated Joint Training Committee meetings, and exercise and training planning conferences maintain a routine and recurring dialogue and exchange of information with C/S/As.
But a new, approximately $40-million contract announced June I by the US Air Force Electronic Systems Center in San Diego, CA, should provide a universal tool for management of communications in tactical situations Called the Joint Interface Control Officer (JICO) Support System, this tool will be used to manage tactical communications networks before, during, and after operations, allowing operators to make changes in bandwidth allocations, add users to communications networks, and see who is having communications problems and whether or not transmissions are reaching their intended destinations.
The nearest known locality for the subspecies is Jico, Veracruz, which is located 40 km SSE of Santiago Yancuictlalpan.
Ltd., both from South Korea and 31% by PT Jico Agung and 20% by Kayo Salim fo Indonesia.
(20%), and two Indonesian partners, PT Jico Agung (31%) and businessman Kayo Salim (20%).
of South Korea (20%), PT Jico Agung of Indonesia (31%), and Indonesian businessman Kayo Salim (20%).