JICOJoint Interface Control Officer
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JICO training and GCC support; and Allied Training Branch (ATB) for allied and coalition MTN and JICO training.
Weekly teleconferences, the annual JICO Symposium, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction-mandated Joint Training Committee meetings, and exercise and training planning conferences maintain a routine and recurring dialogue and exchange of information with C/S/As.
The complexity of the MTN requires JICOs and a wide variety of MTN planners and TDL operators.
Joint interface control officers use the JICO Support System to plan, establish and operate tactical communications in local or wide-area theaters of operations.
The JICO Support System will provide net-centric services through a transformational management system to enable Internet protocol-based networks of the future to operate efficiently with current tactical networks.
Using this blend of components, Total JSS will automate a large volume of tasks currently performed manually by JICOs to monitor, plan and manage the complex web of data networks, ensuring dispersed military forces are always connected to the information they need to perform their missions.