JICSJapan International Cooperation System
JICSJoint Interpreting and Conference Service (EU)
JICSJenzabar Internet Campus Solution
JICSJapan Identity & Cloud Summit (cloud computing)
JICSJapan Internet Communications Service (est. 1996)
JICSJoint Intelligence Coordination Staff (US CIA)
JICSJournal of the Indian Chemical Society
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Other industry watchers are more circumspect, believing Choueiri will only join if there is also a joint industry committee (JIC) formed of media, advertisers and agencies.
Member Environment further informed that all equipments are being prepared in Japan under the supervision of JICS, which will be installed by CDA in its available resources.
A wargame to support development of the Joint Logistics (Distribution) Joint Integrating Concept (JIC) was successfully conducted from 16 to 19 May.
These community-focused services, including Job Information Centers (JICs), also helped librarians understand the information needs of job seekers, including blue collar workers who had lost the jobs they had held for decades, displaced homemakers, and professionals unable to get work in a declining economy.
All Council sessions in Brussels and Luxembourg will continue to have full interpreting, but preparatory meetings could be reduced in number (or better programmed), more meetings could be held without any interpretation, and the Council could even consider renegotiating its contract with the EU's interpreting service, the JICS.
"Un peth rwy'n ymwybodol ohono ydy nad yw plant heddiw yn gyfarwydd x'r hen jics, felly ro'n i'n trao cynnwys gymaint o'r rheiny x phosib, gan eu haddasu.
At echelons above corps (EAC) are the Joint Intelligence Centers (JICs) and the JointAnalysis Center (JAC), which provide valuable, finished intelligence products to the theater commander.
JICs made up a significant component of the so-called company union movement in the United States from the time of their introduction in the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company in 1915 until they were outlawed by the Wagner Act in 1935 (Gitelman 1988; King 1918:278-87; Rockefeller 1916).(7) JICs consisted of selected (management) and elected (worker) representatives in equal numbers who met regularly on matters such as health, sanitation, safety and accidents, recreation, education, and conciliation.
Having done similar sorts of experiments I agree completely with Haynes saying (JICS [1971], p.
With full cooperation between Ministry of Education, JICA, and JICS, a total of 9 classrooms (1619.25 m2) were constructed for Al Fara'a Boys School and 16 classrooms (2612.29 m2) were constructed for Wadi Fara'a Girls School.
Using Jenzabar's Internet Campus Solution (JICS), advisors can pull a student's information online before arranging an appointment.