JICTJakarta International Container Terminal (Indonesia)
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Specifically, NEC will transfer a portion of its shares in the special-purpose company to JICT for 1.12 billion Danish Kroner.
With this investment from JICT, NEC will be able to reduce acquisition costs while retaining control of KMD and to allocate funds to further growth investments.
- Annual rental income from its joint ventures; USD120m from JICT and KOJA from July 2015; USD14m a quarter from NPCT1 from January 2017, up from USD7m per quarter from August 2016
However, the BCA is notched for structural subordination because the recurring cash flow from the JICT and Koja terminals which account for almost 50% of funds from operations (FFO) will be inaccessible, due to a cash sweep clause in Pelindo II's USD550 million syndicated bank loan facility.
The tariffs are effective at the JICT and Koja terminals.
CMA CGM Otello was the third of the three biggest carriers having berthed at JICT in the last 3 weeks.
On Sunday, JICT Director Gunta Prabawa disclosed, "We hope exporters will take advantage of this service."
In 1999, the government sold 51% of the shares of Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT), a subsidiary of Pelindo II.
JICT, the largest operator of container terminal in the country, said law enforcement should be more effective to follow the implementation of the Inpres.
According to INSA and the PT Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT), the government suffers potential losses of US$ 250 million a year in progressive tax revenue as a result of tax treaty, bring the total of potential loss as a result of THC to US$ 500 million a year.
The construction of JICT and Koja is in compliance with the government policy in developing Tanjung Priok into the country's first international hub port in Indonesia, according to Communications Minister Agum Gumelar.
Grosbeak Pte, Ltd., a subsidiary of Hutchinson Port Holding (HPH) of Hongkong, is now a 52% shareholder of PT Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT).