JICTCJoint Intelligence Combat Training Center
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Acting as a central node, the JICTC will ensure that there is appropriate interagency and international coordination for different projects and counter-trafficking efforts.
The JICTC will seek to establish a regional standard for information sharing with USEUCOM components and international partners.
Based on this design concept, the proposed top-level function of the JICTC is "Conduct Interagency Coordination In Support of Efforts to Counter Illicit Trafficking".
All the partners involved in the JICTC need to completely comprehend its purpose and mission in order to participate efficiently and effectively in the organization.
Define the Mission: The mission of JICTC needs to be clearly defined.
Like JIATF-South and SOF high value target teams, the JICTC needs to encourage and promote collaboration between its partners.
Build Long Term Relationships with Partners: The JICTC concept must be socialized among the interagency and international participants who may contribute to the success of the organization.
While the Cultural Awareness Guide will primarily be used by students attending the JICTC exercise, observer-trainers will also rely on it to convey factors not covered in other briefs.
We wanted to provide JICTC with a product that satisfied its need, yet be sustainable in the future," Gonzales said.
Presently awaiting a CoN, JICTC plans to incorporate the guide into its curriculum in early 2012.
While LIO was collaborating with JICTC to meet its training needs, the organization was simultaneously teaming up with USAICoE's Command History Office to develop a virtual tour for the MI History Course.
JICTC and the Command History Office are among several organizations, including the 305th MI Battalion's MOS 35F Committee, using LIO's services to meet ALM 2015 requirements.