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2011 Niandi Zhongguo jidi kaocha baogao 2011 [Report on China Polar Research: 2011], March 16, 2012.
Web-based and social games are projected by industry analysts to grow at up to triple-digit rates in China, faster than traditional client-based or PC games, said Jidi Joy's CEO John Huen.
In February 2009, Air Force Colonel Dai Xu began his call for bases by asking rhetorically, "Can one supply ship allow two combat ships to provide long-term escort for the commercial ships of the world?" Colonel Dai went on to say that establishing "Chinese 'bases on the high seas'" (yuanyang jidi) is a logical extension of this thinking.
When they finally began to construct towers, the royal family of Yue seem to have been exceptionally enthusiastic builders, and the "Jidi zhuan [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]" (Record of the Lands [of Yue]) chapter of the Yuejue shu records some seven examples.
One of the songs on the new album is called "Jidi" (Grandfather), a song that Karam believes will be a great hit.
In stanza 19 Lusthaus translates jidi [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], the standard translation for samudaya-satya, "truth of origination," the same as pratxtya-samutpada, as "collective truth," and in his footnote as "collected truth." His speculations regarding the contrasting of jidi with zhendi can find their resolution simply in saying that all conditioned phenomena as conditioned are by definition non-ultimate.
(160) Jidi Nzelibe, 'Credibility Imperative--Political Dynamics of Retaliation' (2005) 6 Theoretical Inquiries in Law 215 at 229.
Chen Lujun, manager of Royal Jidi Ocean World, said the dolphins were now "in very good condition".
Chen Lujun, the manager of an aquarium called the Royal Jidi Ocean World, confirmed the report.
In the mid-1960s, 'Fangualong', literally, Cucumber Lane, (4) one of largest shantytowns in pre-communist Shanghai, was purposefully developed into a 'thought-education base' (sixiang jiaoyu jidi), whose residents conducted yiku sitian not only for the locals, but also for foreign visitors.