JIDOJoint Improvised-Threat Defeat Organization (US DoD)
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Jido affirmed that RSF will remain vigilant for people's safety and security, stressing necessity of cooperation between the regular forces and the citizens as security, he elaborated is responsibility of all.
Oxford: We have JIDO, which is now our Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Directorate (JD), that has been instrumental in taking drones off the battlefield.
Jon Young, who heads up JIDO's rapid capability delivery division, said the group is going after a number of different technologies.
Tucked away in a nondescript office park, JIDO's headquarters is the nerve centre of the effort, tracking incidents around the world and working with academia, start-ups and venture capitalists to stay on top of the latest in drone technology.
The scope of work is to provide deployable analytical operations, intelligence, and training services to support JIDOs Focused Support/Decisive Effort (FS/DE) mission anywhere in the world.
Paris further urged Khartoum to cooperate with Darfur peacekeepers stressing that the "Sudanese authorities have an obligation to ensure UNAMID's freedom of movement." North Darfur deputy governor, Abu Al-Abbas Abdallah Al-Tayeb Jido explained that the attack was the last in a series of tribal attacks between the people of Siligi and neighbouring areas.
En este grupo predominaron los eventos vasculares asociados a moderada a severa pletorizacion de venulas, arteriolas y capilares alveolares, mezclados con abundante edema en los espacios alveolares, comprometiendo los espacios bronquiolares y te jido conectivo subpleural.
100), there is no clarification as to what the distinction is between sovereign (jugweon) power and leadership (jido) power in the text.
Jido Qing (which means "pretension")--about a doomed affair between a 50-year-old man from Hong Kong and a 28-year-old woman from Shanghai--was written by up-and-coming playwright Yan Yu, and is directed by Chan Ping-chiu, known in Flong Kong for his experimental theatre pieces.
Martyn Giles headed off the line to prevent a late equaliser from Jido Ogunbote and County just about deserved the points.
En contrapartida, los poderes facticos son los verdaderos actores politicos, Hay un poder economico emergente, de origen mafioso, vinculado al crimen organizado, cuyos tentaculos alcanzan buena parte de la institucionalidad del Estado, asi como el te jido social de la nacion.
Similarly, in Japan, the major source of support for divorced and never-married mothers, the dependent children's allowance (jido fuyo teate), has recently been subject to restructuring.