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JIEJoint Information Environment (US DoD)
JIEJournal of International Economics
JIEJournal of Industrial Ecology
JIEJapan Institute of Energy
JIEJamaica Institution of Engineers
JIEJournal of Integral Equations and Applications
JIEJournal in Education
JIEJosephson Institute of Ethics
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Jie also said the KJ-600 would fill a pivotal gap between the U.
Welcoming Ishaq Dar on his visit to China, Jie said that high level exchanges between the two neighbours have been helpful in furthering the objectives of strong relations.
He congratulated Minister Jie on the inauguration of CAREC Institute and said that Pakistan would continue to actively participate in the activities of the Institue just as it had extended full support during the process of establishment of the Institute.
According to a statement received here, Mr Jie welcomed Ishaq Dar on his visit to China.
AlphaGo - has just beaten the world's number one Go player, Ke Jie
You probably know that Jie lost the first match already, you may even have watched it.
We have seen many other similar painting app and we think that the speed of the app is very important, say Yeong Jie, the technical person behind the app that wrote the whole algorithm.
Xu Shao Jie, organization of the workshop was very useful to strengthen cooperation between the two countries and develop educational nanotechnology programs.
This is reflective of the JIE view that the Defense Department's current system of disparate networks, processing and storage infrastructures are too diverse to protect and defend.
The Defense Systems Information Agency was tasked by the director, Joint Staff to be the technical and implementation lead for the JIE and stood up the JIE Technical Synchronization Office.
Scumbags Reid, 19 and James Hogg, 24, brutally attacked Jie Yu after he tried to stop them stealing his car.