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JIFJpeg File Interchange Format
JIFJoint Infrastructure Fund (UK)
JIFJPEG Interchange Format
JIFJoint Interrogation Facility
JIFJoint Incentive Fund (National Defense Authorization Act)
JIFJISC Innovation Forum (Joint Information Systems Committee; UK)
JIFJordan Investment & Finance Bank
JIFJoint Intelligence Facility
JIFJapanese Indian Forces (British WW2 term for members of the Indian National Army)
JIFJoint Integrated Facility
JIFJoint Integrated Fires
JIFJointly Isotropic Fading
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The JIF has been criticized for how it is measured [10] and what it measures.
But during the provincial board hearing, Buted admitted that PSU did not have any formal agreement with JIF.
Kim Macfarlane, owner of the Bring Back the Jif Lemon Tree page, has called for people to save plastic lemons in the hope of getting a tree to hang them on.
A JIF is based on two elements: the numerator, which is the number of citations in the current year to any items published in a journal in the previous 2 years, and the denominator, which is the number of substantive articles (source items) published in the same 2 years.
Kellogg's Jif Peanut Butter is made with real Jif peanut butter," Jones says.
If those two frequently cited articles had not been published, the JIF for CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians would have been 8.
The JIF is the metric that is most often misused to quantitatively assess research outputs.
Jif Whips and Peter Pan Whipped knock the calories down to about 150 by adding air.
JIF YOU have a euro to spare this weekend and are in the mood to donate to a good cause, please put them Pat Kenny's way.
That metric is the journal impact factor, or JIF, which ranks scholarly journals by the average number of citations their articles attract.
Moreover, it save flow of electric charge if transmitted through cable, with impressive 2 HDMI ports, it has a High definition format which can run easily along with 26 format like (JPEG, MOV, Bitmap, JIF, MPEG and many more).
Organizers stressed that JIF is not just about having concerts of local and international artists.