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JIGSJapan Internet Goods Shop (website)
JIGSJava Image Gallery System (open source computing project)
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It's the waves --the snow's caps turn to jig it now.
Throwing away the spade, he broke into a frantic jig, snapping his fingers, and repeating, again and again,
Under the GBL system, the outside jigs are replaced with one master jig, which has all of the specialized tooling needed for a given body style, and is lowered through the top of the frame, holding the panels from the inside.
At its San Rafael mine in Peru, tin producer Minsur is commissioning a Geo Logics' J1300MK2 Kelsey Centrifugal Jig with an automatic screen cleaner on the final gravity concentrate stream, increasing the concentrate grade from 50% to 60% Sn.
I recommend buying four string-serving jigs two each for different types of center and end servings.
So he's generously sharing instructions for making one, as well as providing suggestions for how to use the jig to create simple wreaths from end-of-the-season garden clippings.
Since the actual telescope parts are routed from the jigs they need to be as accurate as possible - poor-quality jigs produce poor-quality parts.
He had hardly mouthed his snide retort when my little two-foot jig pole took a nose dive towards the hole.
An intelligent body assembly system is replacing traditional factory jigs at the Japanese automaker.
He ties jigs on eight 16-foot Denali trolling rods with 10-pound-test monofilament tied to the jig.
Flippin' jigs are designed for close range work on big fish in the heaviest cover, and consequently they come equipped with thick wire hooks that could get a tarpon's attention.