JIIMJoint, Interagency, Intergovernmental, and Multinational
JIIMJournal of Information and Image Management (Association for Information and Image Management)
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16) For further information on the JIIM principles, see Matthew Wade Markel et al.
Succeeding in a JIIM environment requires a high level of professionalism since it demands adaptability and communication skills.
Keep up the great work and keep striving to increase our processing, exploitation, and dissemination to support all of our current and future JIIM operations at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels.
This picture is maintained and developed as the operation progresses through continued synchronization within the SOTF and with JIIM partners.
If the IRIS payload is able to deliver on these promises, the result would be improved connectivity, more affordable bandwidth and more flexibility in operations with JIIM partners.
Through today's training, education, and practical application opportunities our MI Warrant Officers are better prepared to leverage technology, seamlessly integrate with JIIM partners from tactical to strategic levels, and provide situational understanding within a constantly changing and complex world.
During the JRTC rotation 14-05 in-progress review held at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, SOTD facilitated a conversation about the future of UW and NSL with JIIM partners and leaders from every corner of ARSOF.
Additional efforts borrowed from the NATO NIE concept include: improving intelligence support to operations visibility in day-to-day tasks, improving JIIM organizations' ability to coordinate military capabilities dealing with threat networks, increasing understanding regarding threat networks and countering them, and ensuring engagement processes are adequately represented within multinational exercises.
To achieve these capabilities, we must transform into an agile, adaptive institution that serves as the main effort and key integrator for the Army's development of a unified distribution net-work operating in a JIIM environment.
Many attendees felt that operational personnel generally have little experience operating in a full JIIM environment.
The capabilities provided fully support the operational network with TS/SCI, coalition network, command and control VTC , full motion video, and deployable network operations planning and engineering in support of Army, JIIM, and HLD/CS missions.
Demonstrate communication, influence and negotiation skills essential for leaders to effectively operate in a JIIM environment.