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JILJesus Is Lord
JILJoint Innovation Lab (telecommunications)
JILJapan Institute of Labour
JILJaringan Islam Liberal (religion forum; Indonesia)
JILJefferies International Limited
JILJoint Innovation Laboratory (application development platform)
JILJobs in Locations
JILJoint Intelligence Laboratory (USJFCOM Joint Transformation Command-Intelligence)
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The JIL was joined by other Christian evangelical churches like the Philippines for Jesus Movement and the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches.
UDeCOTT failed to pay JIL for the value of completed works at the Chancery Lane project and then later reneged on an agreement to pay a negotiated settlement in excess of US$4 million.
JIL was incorporated as Joy Alukkas Traders (India) Private Ltd on April 22, 2002.
There is no competition between the Wholesale Applications Community and JIL, as all members of JIL are also members of the community, according to Sinclair.
The JIL will initially focus on creating a single global platform for developers to encourage the creation of a wide range of innovative and useful mobile widgets.
The JIL had a threefold raison d'etre: propagation of conservative values and policies among the population, countering of a perceived threat to these values from youth movements on the Left, and mobilizing help in securing votes for the Conservative Party during elections.
JIL, however, might be over-reaching its grasp when it sets itself up as a rival to general job posting sites.
A JIL official said the number of non-full-time workers is increasing due to the economic recession, adding that the labor situation for employees will continue to be severe because many companies say they want to reduce the number of full-time workers in the future.
JIL Industries, a Maiden, MA, company that markets SunSetter retractable awnings through space ads, DRTV, direct mail and now the Web, employs a Web-based customer service solution from Boston-based eSupportNow.
He said the Philippine Embassy in London had been informed by the JIL about the missing Moore, who lived on the 21st floor of the 27-story apartment building.
JIL has also generated positive cash flows from operations in 2009-10, which has helped the company reduce its overall borrowings.
The three companies will use the JIL as a platform to develop mobile services and drive innovation and synergy in the industry to the benefit of their combined global customer base.