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JILAJoint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics (Space)
JILAJapan International League of Artists (Tokyo, Japan)
JILAJapanese Institute of Landscape Architects (Tokyo, Japan)
JILAJoint Independent Logistics Assessment (US DoD)
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The Cult Gaia Jila Sandal in Clear is easy to wear with any existing outfit in your wardrobe, with its brown sole and clear straps.
JILA is jointly operated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the University of Colorado Boulder.
The JILA strontium lattice clock is about 50 percent more precise than the record holder of the past few years, NIST's quantum logic clock.
CHRISTIANS FACING DEATH SENTENCE: Jila Kalkhoran with sons Aref (left) and Emad
JILA's strontium clock has already surpassed the accuracy of NIST's cesium clock, currently used for the U.S.
The JILA system uses an ultrafast laser-based "optical frequency comb" as both the light source and as a ruler for precisely measuring the many different colors before and after the interactions.
To understand what we did, one first needs to understand the working principles of the JILA gravimeter (Fig.
By driving down the Fermi gas' temperature to a few hundred nanokelvins, the JILA team forced its potassium atoms into a state known as degeneracy.
Jila, trained by Erwan Charpy, had endured a frustrating run of seconds and thirds throughout his career in the Emirates, but he gained compensation at the main expense of the former Godolphin horse Blue Snake.
With so many atoms completely immobilized in place, JILA's cubic quantum gas clock sets a record for a value called "quality factor" and the resulting measurement precision.
The JILA laser prototype relies on a million rubidium atoms doing a sort of synchronized line dance to produce a dim beam of deep red laser light.