JILIJapan Institute of Life Insurance
JILIJUMPtec Intelligent LVDS Interface
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Jili Notes (Rochester VT: Inner Traditions International, 1989), 83.
Furthermore, there are references to one YB Orang Kaya Pekerma Indera Haji Jili (or Jilli) bin Ibrahim PSB PHBS, who held the office in the 1970s.
Refraksiyon muayenesi siklople- jili ve sikloplejisiz olarak otorefraktometre ve skiyaskopi uygulanarak yapildi ve gorme keskinligi optik duzeltme ile ve olmaksizin olculdu.
Hall 6 iV 7 Woodworking Lian Zhong Lian, Keenman, Foma, Machinery & Panel Zhiyang, Tokeny, Jinan Singhui, Board Manufacturing Hapco, Xinyang, Guangda, Technology Yongxin, Xiangying, Jili Yalian, Shijiazhuang Cangao, Shengyang Dongtai, Jiyuan, Shenyang Baoshan, Anjidemai, Youxingyou, Harvey, Baoding Qincheng, Xinxieli, Tiandixinyu, Sichuan Xinminjiang, Jiansu Baolong, Kunming Wood Based Panel Machinery Plant, Ylalu, etc.
It has been seen worn with the Jili Kurdi (Kurdish costume) where the handle is tucked into the belt of the men's traditional outfit.
For example, in Da Ming jili [[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], Collected Ceremonies of the Ming Dynasty, 1530] and Taichang zonglan [[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], General Record of the Court of Imperial Sacrifices, 1470s], two official ceremonial sources of the Ming dynasty, both lulupu and gongchepu are used.
Currently China Education Alliance is working with 27 famous state owned universities in Beijing including: Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, Minzu University of China, Central University of Finance and Economics and 13 private colleges in Beijing including Beijing Jili University, Beijing Renwen University, Beijing Science Technology and Management College.
(19) By contrast, the Liji [??][??] names marriage as one of six major rituals, the others being the capping ritual performed at puberty (guanli [??][??]), the funeral rites (sangli [??][??]), the sacrificial rites (jili [??][??]), the archery contest (shell [??]), and the formal visitation rites (xiangjianli [??][??][??]).
Edward Jili and his friends were in the town centre at Market Place on Saturday demonstrating the meditation practice as they petitioned to get as many signatures as possible.
In the last decade, it has come from state investment in and the dynamic emergence of China's homegrown multinationals, like PetroChina, Lenovo, and Jili. Although the export economy has been plagued with problems of labor exploitation, in the other two sectors, which are rarely mentioned in discussions of China's development, the opposite is true.