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JIMMJourney inside My Mind (podcast)
JIMMJaringan Intelektual Muda Muhammadiyah (Indonesian: Muhammadiyah Youth International Network; Islamic organization)
JIMMJoint Integrated Mission Model
JIMMJava Instant Mobile Messenger
JIMMJoint Interim Mission Level Model (JSF Mission Model)
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Basically, the plot is two-fold: how Jimm interviews a farang (European) writer and becomes sexually involved with him and also becomes enmeshed in a conspiracy in which a serial killer plays a part.
It was written by Erin Swanson, art directed by Jimm Lasser and Monica Nelson, and directed by Lance Acord through Park Pictures.
After getting well on the way to achieving her goal of becoming the primary crime reporter for the major daily newspaper in Chiang Mai, Jimm Juree is annoyed about losing her job.
So when crime reporter Jimm Juree's posting to a small fishing village on the coast of Thailand turns from snoresville to goresville, no-one except the protagonist is remotely surprised.
It has become difficult to accept aromatherapy as serious medicine when consumers are inundated by aromatherapy 'fluff'--the use of fragrance by some vague feel-good calming sensation or the use of aromatherapy as a punch line by the ditzy TV sitcom hippie-chick," said Jimm Harrison, owner, Jimm Harrison Phytotherapy Institute, New York, NY, and author of "Aromatherapy: Therapeutic Use of Essential Oil for Esthetics.
Amin Abdullah, Syafii Maarif and JIMM (Jaringan Intelektual Muda Muhammadiyah, Young Muhammadiyah Intellectual Network) (see ZTF 2005) were the bearers of liberalization in Muhammadiyah.
Isla Rose is the fourth grand-daughter of Brian and Yvonne McGarr and the fourth grandchild for Sandy and Arty and Jimm y.
Jimm Mizen, who celebrated his 16th birthday on Friday, was cradled by brother Tommy, 24, as another brother Harry, 18, and mum Margaret, 55, watched in shock.
Jimm Reed, senior project development manager for Yorkshire Housing, said: "We are all extremely proud of Primrose Hill and the duke's visit was a great opportunity to showcase a prime example of sustainable living.
JIMM: Jimm es un clon ICQ para dispositivos moviles, especificamente para telefonos celulares, basado en Java 2 Micro Edition [12].
Aldredge; additional costume design, Jimm Halliday; lighting, Ken Billington; sound, Peter Hylenski; production stage manager, Victoria Navarro.
The real challenge, says Jimm Holland, UFA's director of brand management, was finding an appropriate way to express a forward-looking, positive message to rural Albertans at a time when all of agriculture was under a great deal of pressure.