JIMUJoint Insolvency Monitoring Unit
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Jimu robots' target markets are children aged 8 years old to teens, as they are learning how to code.
UBTECH's Jimu Robot is an interactive robotic building block system that lets kids easily build, program, and share their robot creations.
PINTEC Group, a Chinese fintech platform, has spun off P2P lending platform Jimubox into JIMU Group, an independent company, the company said.
Saiko saibansho jimu shori kisoku [Supreme Court Case Handling Rule], Sup.
Interestingly, in the analysis of urban street vending in Malawi, Jimu (2006) agrees with Cross's conclusion when he asks the question "can the resilience of street vendors to urban authorities and the government's drive to relocate them from streets be a reflection of their power or powerlessness against marginalisation and underdevelopment of their livelihood strategies?" (emphasis added).
Sprendimas investuoti taip pat gali buti apibudinamas kaip sprendimai, susije su nekilnojamojo turto isigi jimu, eksploatavimu ir realizavimu.
(154.) See Gaikoku Bengoshi ni Yoru Horitsu Jimu no Toriatsukai in Kansuru Tokubetsu Sochi Ho [Special Measures Law Concerning the Handling of Legal Business by Foreign Lawyers], Law No.
(8) See Tang Wenbiao ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), "Pingyuan jimu: cong Longmen Kezhan yingpian tanqi" ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] On the Plains, Looking as Far as the Eye Can See: A Discussion Proceeding from the Film Dragon Gate Inn"), Mingpao Monthly ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), 3.6 (June 1968): 73,
In order to illustrate the completive function of this auxiliary, Makino and Tsutsui provide this example: (20) koko ni oite oku to Jimu ga tabete here LOC put-TE oku-AUX if Jim SUBJ eat-TE shimau yo.
For example, under the system of administration by proxy (kikan inin jimu), a local governor is regarded as part of the central government, and administrative work is processed under the control of the central government, so that monitoring by a local Diet and local auditor committees is limited.
(33.) Saiko saibansho chosakan-shitsu jimu toriatsukai yoryo [The Supreme Court Manual on Arrangements Concerning Research Judges' Chambers] (1981).
(33.) Shiho tokei nempo, 1-Minji, gyosei hen [Annual Report of Judicial Statistics, 1Civil and Administrative], at tbl.1 (Saiko saiban sho jimu so kyoku, 2005).