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JINAJoint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics (various schools)
JINAJournées Internationales de Nice sur les Antennes (IEEE AP-S)
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Scholars and curators who object to the sameness of Jina images often focus instead on the images of the unenlightened deities in Jain art.
Snellgrove's belief that the structure was the site of the royal consecration ritual, Indra Abhisheka (Anointing of Indra), with Buddhist substitutes for the Jinas of the cardinal directions and the zenith, is also described.
Valley 2 League finals: Monroe of North Hills' Vanessa Bognot took medalist honors with a 5-over 36 at El Cariso Golf Course, but El Camino Real took the title with a 241 behind Hannah Gonzalez (44), Jina Chang (45) and Jasmine Zamani (46).
Sue Hill and Martin Griffin Dr Sarinder Sahota, Norani Al Amin, Narinder Sahota and Datuk Mohames Al Amin Trevor and Judith Oliver, Jennifer and Robert Berry Sir Michael Betts, Dr Anthony Hayward, Dr Paul Golby, Professor Julia King and Lord Douglas Hurd Bernard Gillmartin, Jina Rippon, Helen and Simon Griffiths David and Janet Osborn and Phil Extance
I think all manufactures are beginning to do what is necessary to marry their style with organic considerations," said Jina Luciani at just-established French firm Occidente.
Ahmed Reda, the chairman of the authority, approved the project to set up the new Najaf city with a total amount $38 billion," Jina al-Amou told Aswat al-Iraq - Voices of Iraq (VOI).
Jina Cook, Director of Respiratory Care at Lafayette General called and stated she has a need for the Carina ventilator.
Strangely, while on leaving the theatre pretty much every Rhett Butler song has gone, much of the best is left to the slaves led by Broadway star NaTasha Yvette Williams, who gives a fine performance as Mammy, Jina Burrows' Prissy and an ensemble headed by Ray Shell in the stirring Follow on the Wings of a Dove.
Bhattacharya & Jina (1997) report that TCTs has received increasing attention from academics and practitioners both in the analysis of the mode in which business operates and redefined the process to make them more effective.
Elsewhere they are called jina wipia ('foot-feather') by the Manjiljara of the Gibson Desert, and multjara and jina wipia by the southern Western Desert peoples.
The success followed hard on the heels of the Jina Cup, and runner-up spot in the Middlesbrough Healthy Living Trophy.
Centered in the narrow band immediately above the empty niche is the seated figure of another important jina, worshipped by eight flying figures bearing garlands of flowers.