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JINI[not an acronym] a Java network technology of Sun Micro Systems
JINIJava Intelligent Network Infrastructure
JINIJini Is Not Initials
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Section 2 describes our former contribution and the underneath technology for resource discovery: Java Jini. Then, Section 3 introduces Sci-[phi], our proposed next generation framework that enhances JJPF to make it suitable to be used as a simple and lightweight Cloud PaaS.
The standard Jini has two main problems in regard to these requirements.
ALL SMILES: Jini D'Cruz, Consultant in Dental Public Health for NHS Kirklees, wants fluoride in Kirklees tap water
JavaSpaces enable full use of transactions, leveraging the default semantic of Jini Distributed Transactions model.
Receiving honorable mentions were Pamela DeSimone and Dwayne Charron of Frame Corner in East Longmeadow, Mass.; Ria Richey, CPF, of Creative Framing in Sierra Madre, Calif.; and the five-person team of Jaqui Reilly, Jini Lumsden, CPF, Chris Taylor, Dan Tehan and Lenny Dolin of The Art Shop in Greensboro, N.C.
Developed in collaboration with the Swiss Center for Scientific Computing, JAM technology provides a tool kit for researchers and computer scientists to experiment and explore how Jini network technology coupled with distributed resource management tools, like Sun's Grid Engine software, can be implemented to help join multiple grids seamlessly into a virtualized set of resources.
In comparison to other books on the subject only 'JMX in Action' teaches the reader how to combine JMX with J2EE technologies and also how to create your own JMX adapters for Jini and the TCP protocol, according to the publisher Manning Publications Co.
Companies House shows he has directorships with three firms: Jini Internet Ltd, Jini Ltd and, most recently, Jini Global PLC.
Worldwide Computer Products News-27 December 2001-Sun releases Jini Technology Starter Kit v1.2 (C)1995-2001 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.m2.com
He also designed Sun's Network File System, wrote the specification for the Java programming language (originally called Oak), and directed development of the Jini connection technology.
If some appliances use Microsoft's Universal Plug And Play and others use Sun Microsystems' Jini, will installing your client's refrigerator and dishwasher be like trying to play a VHS videotape on a beta VCR?
The system will use Sun's Jini, Java and XML technology.